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Crepe paper flower

I came across Miss Petal and Bloom when a friend of mine shared some of her work on Instagram. I was super blown away by how realistic the crepe paper flowers looked (would have totally opted for crepe paper flowers for my wedding bouquet if I knew about them!). I was particularly amazed by Van Gogh's Sunflowers she recreated with crepe paper 😍 I found out she had a free online workshop to make sunflowers, and I decided to try that out.

She sells the materials needed on her Etsy store (link at the bottom of this post), so it was really convenient to get started. (It lists all the other tools needed - the only thing I was missing was a mini hot glue gun, which was easily available online). The materials kit came with a beautiful thank you note addressed to me, too:

The tutorial was very simple to follow - I printed the patterns she provided, followed the step by step videos - below are some snippets of the steps in the process:

This is what a completed sunflower looks like - looked so realistic to me 😍:

Fun fact: Did you know that each stalk of sunflower is a composite flower made up of many little flowers in the centre (the brown/black portion)? So when you give someone a stalk, it's technically not just one flower, but a bunch of flowers 🥰


Details of the workshop

Duration: I think it took me about an hour to complete one flower (I did it in separate sittings as my old second hand glue gun gave up halfway, and I had to buy another one before I could continue)

Price: the online tutorial was free (she has a number of free tutorials), and SGD 35 for the materials needed (crepe paper of different colours and wire) which I purchased from her Etsy store, which should be enough to make about 3 sunflowers based on her tutorial

Level of "fun": 3.5/5

It was really enjoyable to bring "flat" sheets of paper to life, and I enjoyed the "cupping" step the most like (when you pull the cut out petal shapes into the curved petal form). The steps are fairly easy to execute, and felt somewhat therapeutic (especially the cutting of the sheets into the patterns, and cupping them). Was a really enjoyable afternoon activity :)

Level of difficulty: 1.5/5

This was quite a simple project, and kudos to Eileen for putting together such an easy to understand tutorial! I also really appreciate how she emphasized that it isn't that critical for every piece to be perfectly cut / sized / attached, as natural sunflowers are all unique too.


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