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This is a space created by an ENFP who can't sit still, has a gazillion ideas at any point in time, and loves going for short workshops to learn to make something with her hands.

Because if someone can make it, why not me?

I used to be in a job that took me to many countries for work. When I get to spend a weekend in a new city, the first thing that comes to mind is "are there any workshops for me to make something?" My brain shifted from the love for shopping towards the love for making - instead of buying something as memorabilia (or just to add to a wardrobe that's bursting at its seams because I'm awful at packing), why not make something?

And I was indeed so lucky to have found many fun and interesting workshops (with different duration and varying levels of difficulty). Even so, there are always new things I dream of making (this website included), and will continue to be on the lookout for.

This space serves more as a log of my experiences making things at workshops / classes, and less of a proper instructional guide for how to actually make something. If the workshops / output sound good to you, do sign up for them, too :)

If you have any ideas / recommendations on stuff to make / workshops to attend (to make stuff), do let me know!

UPDATE (1 Nov 2019) some personal reflections on my journey so far: How my curiosity for craft and workshops changed my life

UPDATE (Jun 2020) I started Craft for Conversations as a new project to explore how I can bridge my love for craft, with my other interest of making the world a better place

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