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5 Hand-made things at my Wedding

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

One year ago, on 9 March, I celebrated my wedding with my husband. To mark the occasion in a way that’s most relevant to this hobby blog of mine, I wanted to share the various hand-made items that were part of my wedding. The first four were made by me (and if you’ve seen my posts before, might find them familiar). The last one was something done by a friend of my sister, which I really love!

I hope this inspires you to consider incorporating more hand-made items to mark special occasions in your life ❤

1. Earrings worn at my pre-wedding photoshoot: Fallen Trees Resin + Wood Jewellery


I wore the green side of the earring at my pre-wedding shoot (the other side was a long chain with a wooden ball at the end – it was one of the sides of a piece from Amado Gudek’s Fallen Trees collection. More context on the connection in the link to the post above!)

Image from iOS (4)

I also wore the pair of resin earrings (green and orange) for my ROM – I don’t have a photo of a close up, but you can somewhat see the wooden tips in the photo of the next item below

2. Ballet flats worn at ROM: Leather ballet flats


I wore the flats at the Registry of Marriages (ROM) ceremony:


Realised that most of the pieces I make and own are pretty classic / versatile, so they fit well with most other things I have, including an outfit for a wedding 😀

3. Wedding bands exchanged at ROM: Gold wedding rings


Our wedding bands! We exchanged these rings at the ROM ceremony, and wear them everyday. It’s extra that we made these rings together 🙂

4. Embroidery of our names used as decor at the wedding: Embroidery


We used it as part of the decorations at both of our wedding venues:

Image from iOS (5)

At a restaurant, for a celebration with our friends

Image from iOS (6)

At a hotel, for a celebration with our family

And today, it’s sitting on a shelf in our living room 🙂

5. Angbao box used at the wedding

I didn’t make this one, but I really loved it so much, and many of our guests commented on them – my sister’s very capable friend made some angbao boxes (for non-Singaporeans, angbao refer to a “red packet” which contains money, and is a typical gift at a Singaporean wedding).

My sister’s brief to her was just to help wrap some boxes. She asked for a photo of us, and my sister sent her this:

Image from iOS (7)

And with that, she made this:

Image from iOS (8)

It is super incredible in so many ways:

  1. She managed to replicate our outfits from the photo (!!!)

  2. She put a little silver heart where my birthmark on my face is. I cannot explain how much this means to me! I nearly teared when I saw this, because my birthmark is super special to me, and I specifically told the markup artist not to conceal it for my wedding photoshoot because I like having it. And to have it represented as a heart on my angbao box – that attention to detail is mindblowing

  3. She so cleverly made the box reuseable (I had two separate events) by adding a velcro flap at the bottom, with a heart ❤

Image from iOS (9)

At the restaurant: Boxes beside the photo that she modelled it after

Image from iOS (10)

At the hotel

Today, the boxes sit on the shelf in my living room, because how can I bear to throw them away? ❤ ❤ ❤


Because of the personal effort put into making these items, I really treasure them, and hope they last for a long, long time, just like my marriage

For those getting married, or celebrating a special occasion, I hope this inspires you in some way, too!



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