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Preserved Christmas Tree

The husband booked a surprise workshop for us this holiday season - I only found out when I got to Floradise Studio's home studio what I was going to make that afternoon :D

I love Christmas, and the husband thought that we were in a rush to decorate the tree we have at home (so didn't get to enjoy the process properly), so he booked this as a bonus chance to (build and) decorate a tree in a more relaxing setting. Very thoughtful of him, and the workshop conducted by Fyon in her home studio was indeed a very therapeutic and enjoyable one!

The tree was built from floral foam and preserved moss (similar to the ones used in the Air Plant Green Wall I made at another workshop. There were various choices of colours for the tree (e.g. white, pink, blue), but I like the traditional-looking colour scheme the best, so I picked this forest green (but succumbed to some white pieces to look like snow)

Fyon was both a great instructor and photographer who provided both very easy to follow instructions and suggestions, as well as nice photos of us in action :D

One of my favourite things about the decorating this Christmas tree is the use of a lot of natural materials: cinnamon sticks, acorns, pine cones, star anise, eucalyptus seed pods (these look like little bells!), eucalyptus berries - Fyon helped to spray paint some of them in gold.

She also provided materials to spruce up the pieces and give them colour (e.g. these cinnamon sticks with red ribbons)

I also really appreciated how Fyon shared some good tips on how to distribute and place the various decoration pieces! Not overly formulaic, but also helps us get started, and can make adjustments after:

A large heart behind the tree <3

The completed piece:

Look at this imperfectly beautiful tree 😍 (It's a bit lop-sided, but that makes it's special / unique for us):

A shot with our tree (we ordered some beautiful flower petal tea hence had our masks off for a bit when consuming it - but we adhered to mask policies the rest of the time!)


Details of the workshop

Duration: 2+ hours

Price: My husband booked the workshop on Floradise Studio's website, and paid SGD218 for 2 people to make a single tree, which included all materials.

(It costs less for 1 person to make a single tree - given this is a home studio, there are understandably space constraints if more people want to attend the session together, especially with Covid group size restrictions now)

Level of “fun”: 3.5/5

I really enjoyed the session - it was a private session with just my husband and myself, and the Fyon's home studio was really well set-up. The work station was spacious, she had nice background music on, and it really put us in a lovely mood to decorate a Christmas tree :)

I also found it really fun to see a tree come to life from rectangular foam blocks - it's super awesome to see the transformation.

And I was a super huge fan of all the natural material decorations (had a soft spot for acorns because I think it was my first time seeing real acorns outside of cartoons haha). I thought it was really enjoyable to get a wide range of materials and decoration pieces to choose from (because Fyon has a stash of many different things for her crafting, which she generously offered - feels super special when there were some pieces with limited amounts that went entirely to our tree, so they're only going to be on our tree and no one else's)

It was also the first time I got to use a glue gun at a workshop! (to attach the foam blocks)

Highly recommend the workshop as a relaxing activity with a loved one :)

Level of difficulty: 1.5/5

This was a very simple workshop - don't need any advanced skills, and Fyon was always ready to help intervene and provide inputs if she noticed any areas for improvement (e.g. when some parts of the moss was a little bit "loose", and could be pinned tighter when making the tree)


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