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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Sometime ago, I was inspired by a DIY wall clock project I came across on pinterest. The writer reassured that it was really simple, so I thought — why not?

The photo of the project was really simple and beautiful:


I sourced for all of the parts at spotlight: the round wooden piece, and the clock bits (hands + movement). I wanted to find a round chopping board similar to the one in the original project, but most were quite thick, and I wasn’t sure if the depth of the clock bits would fit.

The biggest hurdle was actually the first step – drilling a hole in the centre of the board – where I had to enlist the help of my dad and his electric drill. Be careful to find the drill bit of the right size! Thank goodness my dad is a pro 🙂

Once the hole was created, the clock bits very easily fit in (the movement and battery are behind):

The minimalist look was pretty awesome, but I wanted to create a special design for my boyfriend (while trying to test the limits of how ridiculous a design he would accept to put up in his room) . I settled on a Pokemon design (it’s our inside joke).


Starts off innocuously enough – with a pretty blue sky, with the help of youtube on How to Paint Clouds

After which, came the Pokemon. As much as it was funny, it was also super tedious to mix the colours and paint the very small parts:


The Pokemon colour palette

Ta-dah!!! The final result – with clock hands and all:


The clock now sits on the wall in my boyfriend’s bedroom, and it never fails to make use smile because of how cute and ridiculous it looks 😀


Details of the DIY exercise

Duration: Took about 30 min to drill + assemble the clock, another ~2 hours to paint Price: The clock parts were all bought at Spotlight (< SGD30 in total), got painting stuff from Art Friend

Level of “fun”: 4/5

The clock was super super simple to make – if you haven’t used a drill before, this is a very simple first project to try it!

Depending on how much you like design , there are so many ways you can customize the clock face (either by painting or craft), and that makes up quite a bit of the fun in this project.

Level of difficulty: 2/5

The difficulty was mainly in overcoming the mental barrier and inertia of getting access to and using the drill (please remember to stay safe!).

For the rest of it, the difficulty depends on how you design the clock (if at all). the challenge for me was having to paint a relatively small & complex picture (as a novice painter), but I was really pleased at the outcome (they are so small and cute!) 🙂


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