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Linocut Printing

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Xk booked us a linocut printing class at Artefakts to celebrate my birthday last month. It's our second time back at Artefakts, and Jeffrey, the founder, who was also the instructor of our session, recognized us from the ceramic tile painting workshop we did last year!

I love their brightly lit and relaxing space at Goodman Arts Centre. There's also chill music playing, while we work on the craft. Jeffrey showed us examples of other students' linocut pieces, and explained differences in materials used for linnocut.

We sent over some designs we liked a few days before the actual workshop, and Jeffrey resized and printed the designs to fit the block we were going to cut on. I finally settled on the totoro design (because I cannot say no to totoro...):

We were taught how to stain the rubber block to make it easier for us to keep tabs on the cutting process. Some photos of revealing totoro and his buddies on the block:

Totoro in three ways (from left): tracing paper, original design printout, linocut block

This is the most exciting part - first reveal of totoro being printed on paper!

Xk did a block print design of a bird in the woods which also turned out beautifully:

Totoro in three ways again (from left): original design printout, linocut block, linocut print on paper


Details of the workshop

Duration: about 2.5 hours

Price: SGD 75 per pax (for group of 2 or above), booked on the Artefakts website

Level of "fun": 3.5/5

I really enjoyed the process of cutting the lino block. I think it was helped by the super chill vibes of the studio, with sunlight streaming in, and relaxing background music. Every cut slides off so smoothly, and the process feels almost meditative.

I didn't realize the printing part itself was also an art in itself. Trying to coat the ink on the block at the right thickness and consistency was also quite a mindful activity.

The overall activity was very enjoyable and relaxing, and a great way to spend a few hours with friends.

Level of difficulty: 2/5

I find it fascinating to be able to transfer an image into a block which can generate multiple prints of it again and again. It seems really difficult at first thought, but Jeffrey brought us through the process so clearly, and made it easy.

There are some parts of the cutting which can be a little more challenging (e.g. cutting out small holes for the pupils in the eyes, and cutting out large chunks and leaving small sections), but it's definitely possible to adjust the design to be easier and more manageable if you are not as confident. We got to practise cutting on the back of the block prior to working on the actual design, to familiarize ourselves with how to work through different lines and thickness.


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