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Upcycled tshirt

Making memories on a tshirt. I was given a white tshirt to wear at my grandpa’s wake and funeral proceedings a while back, and wanted to keep it.

It was a celebration of a life well-lived, with a mix of sadness from goodbye. I wanted to keep the white tshirt and the memories, so I painted on and embellished it. Here are some pictures of the process as it underwent the transformation:

Here's the final piece, with the sequinned bit shimmering in the light:

And this is me wearing it - my husband says this looks channels a lot of retro vibes :D


Details of the project

Duration: Probably about 1-2 hours, spread over different days

Price: I bought the fabric paint from a clearance sale at Grid & Circles when they were trying to raise money to keep their place going, and assorted sequins from Shopee.

Level of "fun": 3/5

I basically had a blank canvas to start with, and it was enjoyable having time and space to figure out how to fill it (not constrained by specific duration of a workshop). I didn't want to only have one type of medium (paint) on the tshirt, and it was quite fun thinking of how to incorporate other elements as embellishment.

Level of difficulty: 1/5

The steps themselves were pretty easy - just need a bit of patience to paint it perfectly. I wasn't so patient, so I stopped trying to draw the patterns so accurately after a couple of rows, and if you look closely, the painting isn't that consistent too 😅


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