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Ferris wheel musical globe

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Was wondering how to celebrate the milestone of turning thirty, and decided that it would be fun to do something with my hands. Thank goodness my dexterity and eyesight were reasonably still in place, and we pulled through to finish this musical globe kit.

This was as similar set to the Musical Carousel Box  I made a while back from a DIY kit my friend bought. After that experience, we got smarter, and started a bit earlier + did it at her place (to avoid being chased out to find another location when shops close).


Our equipment and parts before we started

I tried to be smarter by picking the largest object (the ferris wheel) to assemble…


…but found out there were really small lamps and barriers there too…


…I laughed at my friend when she had to cut the material into such small pieces to add as sprinkles atop a mini cupcake (top two photos below)…but I ended up having to do the same for an even smaller “cake” that was a tiny pink bead (bottom right photo shows the contrast of the size of the cupcake vs cake that had to be placed with a cotton bud because of how tiny it was)….


Nevertheless, we pulled through, and even built neat little hedges with flowers!


Super relieved that all the wiring worked (I was connecting most of them that passed through the ferris wheel) and little LED lights lit up!


After installing the musical box component and putting the lid over, we got the beautiful ferris wheel globe:


If I zoom in, you can see how intricately the small parts were put together (yes there’s even a small sign on the table, and we also had to make that table…)


Details of the DIY exercise

Duration: Two of us took ~4 hours to complete this together (far shorter than the 7.5 hours we took for the musical carousel box!) Price: The DIY set was purchased for ~SGD20 from Qoo10

For level of “fun” & difficulty, please refer to the Musical Carousel Box post since this is similar, but a little bit easier (and it’s my second time doing it)



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